Concept to Product

What is Concept to Product

A unique Stage Gate Process that Entegro has developed to successfully guide your initial concept (idea or drawing) through to a finished product. The “Concept to Product” process involves five key stages for new products or it can be used to help enhance or improve existing products. We believe that using this disciplined and streamlined Stage Gate Process ensures we review all aspects of the development phase to produce a product, part or component that performs to the required specification and application in the least amount of time. Many products fail, under perform or are too expensive because they were not initially reviewed, designed and developed properly. At Entegro we strive to eliminate this..



Design and Drawings

involves having our technical and engineering team review the concept/drawing to validate its ability to be manufactured and meet its intended application. We can help with taking your idea/concept from a stretch to a drawing. Re-design or enhancement changes may be recommended during this stage.

2. Material/Engineering Validation

Performance Validation

reviews and validates the material design and selection (which type of rubber, polyurethane, plastic, metal or composite design is required) to ensure it performs to the required specification and application. Analysing and testing is a key component of this stage.

3. Prototyping & Tooling

Creating a Prototype and Commercial Tool

provides initial prototyping to test and validate the performance of your product prior the commercial tooling phase. Commissioning of the commercial tool phase involves an off tool sample for sign off by all parties, prior to commercial production. This stage ensures everything is in place prior to commercial production.

4. Commercial Production

Commercial Plan in Place

this ensures that our operators produce your product(s) to the highest possible standard and quality ongoing. It also involves an agreement around the manufacturing, packaging and shipping specification, as well as the inventory supply model (i.e. manufacture to one off order or we can manufacture to a forecast with committed call-up quantities).

Ongoing Engineering

Including Value Added Services

the last stage of the process is an ongoing phase that continually involves reviewing how we can improve the process and cost for our customers. It may involve the re-engineering of your product to reduce its weight (material cost) or it may involve having Entegro make and/or source multiple parts that we can assemble, pack and ship as a finished product to you.
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