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What We Offer

Entegro Group is Australasia’s leading and oldest rubber mudflap manufacturer. Whether you need a plain or customised truck, trailer or tipper rubber mudflap we have the best performing mudflap in all sizes and styles for you. Having our own in-house rubber mixing and moulding capability ensures we offer our customers access to a perfectly designed, weighted and moulded Australian made rubbermudflap that out performs the competition. We treat your mudflap as an advertisement for your company and hence we take every step to ensure that they are manufactured to the highest standard.
Entegro’s unique manufacturing process (refer to our video) has produced premium moulded rubber mudflaps for over 50 years and our customers believe they offer an authentic look with proven and long lasting performance. Our process ensures that your design/logo is fully moulded in colour rubber, not hot stamped or screen printed like most plastic mudflaps, which ensures durable and long term promotion of your company’s name and brand. We guarantee that our mudflap will out-last our competition.

How We Can Help

  • Plain or custom designed rubber mudflaps for your truck, trailer and tipper
  • Designing, styling and sizing your customised mudflap, including advice on what rear spray suppressant style/format you require.
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Real Life Solutions & Applications

Graham Lusty Trailers (GLT) thought they were doing the right thing when they purchased their customised screen printed plastic mudflaps for their tippers. Initially they looked good and were competitive in price, however, once out in the market place the “GLT” logo especially on the rear mudflaps began to lose its colour. The constant unloading of the tippers was wearing the surface print off and hence they needed a more robust solution. After hearing about Entegro’s premium rubber mudflap that offered a moulded colour solution, GLT went about evaluating and trialling the Entegro alternative and today they are using Entegro’s rubber mudflap across their entire range. “The small increase in cost compared to their previous suppliers far out-weighs the benefit of maintaining and promoting the GLT brand in this extremely competitive trailer and tipper market” – Josh Peterson (Procurement) GLT.

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