Rubber, Plastic & Polyurethane Moulding

What We Offer

Our unique technical and manufacturing capabilities provides our customers with a comprehensive range of expert services for all your custom rubber, plastic and polyurethane moulding (including metal to rubber moulding and fabric enforced moulded products). Our experienced technical team oversees the material design, selection and for our rubber moulding the in house manufacture of the rubber compound. Our engineers manage the tools design, manufacture and commissioning into our specialised compression or injection moulding equipment and our operators ensure that your product is consistently made to the highest standard and agreed specification. We have expertise in the mixing and moulding the following materials: Natural Rubber (NR), Nitrile (NBR), Nitrile+PVC, HNBR, SBR, Silicone (VMQ), EPDM, Neoprene, Butyl (IIR), Viton, Polyurethane, Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPR, TPV, TPE, TPU, Santoprene), HDPE, PP, & LDPE.


How We Can Help

Entegro moulding services can help and support you with the following in relation to your idea, part, product or component:

• Product design and engineering advice and validation (is it a moulded solution or does another solution exist)
• Material design and selection (which type of rubber, polyurethane, plastic, metal or composite design is required).
• Tool design and manufacture (including, drawings, prototyping tooling, testing and analysis)
• One off (short runs) or ongoing (high volume) injection or compression moulding manufacturer and supply
• Extremely small, detailed and specialised moulding applications.
• Large and difficult moulding applications for civil, rail, construction and mining applications.
• Re-engineering or redesign services to reduce cost or improve performance of your moulded part
• Low setup costs and short lead-times for new or the transfer or existing parts
• Post moulding services (single or multiple part assembly and packaging)

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Real Life Solution & Applications

In partnership with Patrick (Part of Asciano Limited), Entegro was challenged with trying to increase the 3 month life performance of their current imported crane luffing rubbers. Patrick lost 2 production days every three month or 8 days per year to replace the rubbers on each crane. Entegro developed and manufactured a specialised rubber moulding compound that involved the use of ‘Kevlar”fibres for additional tensile strength. Entegro compression moulded luffing crane rubbers are now giving Patrick a 5 month life performance and in turn has reduced the down time from 8 days to 5 days per year per crane, a reduction of just under 40% in down time.

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