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The merger of Wright Rubber and Lasslett Rubber & Plastics in 2012 to form the Entegro Group has now created one of Australasia’s leading rubber, plastics, cork and polyurethane manufacturers. Our aim is to be the partner of choice for our customers and to exceed their expectations ongoing. Our innovative approach, combined with a wealth of technical and manufacturing experience is what makes Entegro stand apart from the competition. We pride ourselves on being able to develop and design an innovative and high performance solution for your rubber or plastic needs.

Although the Entegro (short for Enterprise Growth) name is relatively young, both Lasslett and Wright Rubber have been very successful and long term rubber, plastics and polyurethane manufacturers to the Australian market. Lasslett, which started in 1954, continues to grow from its traditional rubber base into new and innovative plastic technology and products. Wright Rubber, which started in 1945, was once the manufacturing home of the Australian thong and today is one of Australia’s most experienced and technically backed rubber manufacturers, which supplies a very diverse range of customers and segments. The larger Entegro Group has brought together a team with local and international expertise and experience in rubber and plastics design and manufacturing. Based on this we are very confident Entegro has just about everything covered regarding your rubber or plastic needs so don’t be afraid in approaching us with you design, product or problems. Our experienced and dedicated team ensures we offer you and our existing customers a total product and service offering every time.

Entegro Can Help With

  • Any questions regarding your existing or new rubber and plastics product and application
  • Advice on selecting the right material and product from our extensive range of locally made and globally sourced rubber, plastics and polyurethane products.
  • Providing a seamless transition from the concept, to design and material selection, to prototyping and tooling, to manufacture and ongoing supply.
  • Improving your existing products performance, cost and/or supply issues.
  • Analysing and testing your product performance.
  • Product assembly, packaging (industrial, wholesale and retail formats) and logistical (importing or exporting) services.
Design and Technical Innovation Design & Technical Innovation
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entegro_profile_2entegro_profile_1Superior Advice & Service
entegro_profile_2Providing the Best Solution
entegro_profile_2Manufacturing Expertise
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