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How We Can Help

Concept to Product Service:

if you are looking for a rubber, plastic or composite extrusion profile/product in a rigid, flexible, solid or sponge format we have the experience and capability to help you. Entegro can offer you the access to our existing range of proven rubber and or plastic extrusion profiles/products (refer to existing products & solution section) or we can manufacture to your required material type, extrusion profile, and application. We can also provide you with full technical support in selecting the material and designing the extrusion tool and profile, which results in your manufactured extrusion offering the best performance and savings.

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What We Offer

Whether you need a Solid or Sponge, Fender, Channel, Cover, Tube, Strip, Seal, Skirting, Edging, Cord, Section, Insertion or Pinchweld extruded in a particular material, colour, size or length Entegro has a solution for your need. Read more


Real Life Solution & Applications

In conjunction with the local trucking industry, Entegro identified a need for a high performance extruded glass channel product as the imported product had ongoing quality and supply issues. The outcome was the design of specially formulated EPDM extrusion that was combined with a unique internal flocking system, which offered our customers like Iveco, with a low cost and high performance product with reduced lead-times.

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